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3D DLP Advanced Pack
3D DLP Advanced Pack
3D DLP Advanced Pack
3D DLP Advanced Pack

3D DLP Advanced Pack

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33,00 €
Impuestos incluidos Entrega entre 1 y 2 días laborables

Ve archivos de video en 3D, para TV o proyector DLP. Vienen 2 pares de gafas.


See Breathtaking quality on a Samsung or Mitsubishi model DLP TV!

The TriDef Experience:
Watch any 2D DVD in 3D
View 2D media files in 3D
Enjoy 3D photo & video content
See Google Earth in 3D
Play a PC game in 3D

How it works: Specially formatted video or still images consisting of left and right images are fed into the TV using a PC. The TV then shows alternating left and right images at a frame rate of 120Hz, so that the left and right images are each running at 60Hz-faster than human perception. The glasses shutter in phase with the image, so that when the left eye image is displayed, the left eye shutter is open and the right eye shutter is closed. The result is a 3D image.

The 3D DLP Systems are compatible with all Mitsubishi and Samsung DLP televisions which have the "3D Sync" port on them, as well as the Samsung plasma televisions which also have this port.

PC requirements:
Dual Core processor
2GB of RAM
Graphics card capable of supporting 1080P output (Requires DVI or HDMI output)

With DDD's TriDef software, IOD's glasses and a Samsung or Mitsubishi DLP HDTV you can play the latest HD video games, watch all of your favorite movies, and view your personal digital photos all in 3-D!

Software Includes:
DVD Converter/Player
Does real time conversion on any 2D DVD into 3D, with controls that allow the user to vary the strength of the 3D. Plays back any of the standard Field Sequential 3D DVD’s. Please note: Requires WIN DVD (sold separately).

Media Player
Supports the playback of most stereoscopic content files as well as well as the real time 2D to 3D conversion of SD or HD media files, including movies and photos (.AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .WMB, .JPEG).

TriDef Visualizer for Google Earth
Allows 3D viewing of certain file types including the ability to view Google Earth content in 3D.

TriDef Visualizer Direct X Game Driver
A sample driver to allow you to play one of the most popular PC games in stereoscopic 3D.

1. Is my television compatible with the 3D DLP System?
The 3D DLP system is compatible with Samsung and Mitsubishi DLP televisions as well as the Samsung Plasma televisions which have the “3D Sync” output port on them. This is a 3 pin “Din” type connector and is identified as a 3D port on compatible televisions.

2. Does the 3D DLP system require a computer?
Yes. A PC with a minimum Duo Core processor, 2Gb of RAM and a video card with either DVI or HDMI output, capable of displaying a 1080p image is required.

3. Can I watch regular television programs in 3D?
No. At this point the software will work with the following file types: AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, JPG (standard definition DVD’s are in the MPG2 format so they are compatible). You can also view Google Earth in 3D. Unfortunately, the system can not convert over the air, cable, or satellite video signals into 3D.

4. Is it Blu Ray Compatible?
The software is not currently Blu Ray compatible. If you have a Blu Ray compatible drive in your computer, you will be able to use it to play standard definition DVD’s in 3D and Blu Ray discs in 2D. However, you will not be able to convert Blu Ray discs into 3D.

5. Can I play my Xbox, PS2/PSC, Wii, etc. games in 3D?
The file formats of these games are not compatible with the 3D DLP system. However, there are a large number of some of the more popular PC based games you can play in 3D. In order to play these games in 3D, you will need to separately purchase the specific 3D game drivers. pixel.gif

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 i-O Display Systems, LLC ("IOD") manufactures personal display devices and stereoscopic 3D products for both video and computer uses. The company was formed in 1997 as a new venture between Ilixco, a privately held display technology company and Liberty Media Group, an ATT company that holds interest in a wide array of video programming, communications technology and Internet businesses, worldwide.

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