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Company Alphatech spol. s r.o. was established on 27th October 1999 in Prague. The company's main focus is on develoment, production and distribution of telecommunication products. The Company specialises in GSM applications such as GSM gates, GSM modems and GSM locators. Apart form GSM applications we also offer a complex solution for small and middle sized companies in PABX area, both ISDN and analog, including peripheral units such as door interface, ISDN or analog telephones with function CLIP (caller ID). The head office is in Prague with a representative office in Ostrava. Our product range encompasses a wide range of customers needs. As a system integrator of Siemens GSM modules our company has global connections. At present we export to 20 countries in Europe, including both the former eastern block as well as major European countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France and Greece.

Cable Programación GSM door Phone (GDISet)

Precio 42,35 €

Cable USB para la programación de portero AlphaTech GSM

Slim Brave 01C AV

Precio 313,39 €

Intercomunicador Superficie analógico, 1 botón, antivandálico, IP45, 2 relés

Slim GDI 01

Precio 313,39 €

Intercomunicador GSM de 1 botón, 2 relés

Slim Intercom DP1

Precio 235,95 €

Superficie analógico ultrafino, 1 botón, 1 relé